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Dear business friends,

complete deliveries of building technical equipment complete deliveries of building technical equipment - heating, sanitary installations, ventilation, air-conditioning, electrical wiring, measurements and control, projection equipment.

The company’s main line of business are deliveries and installations for residential and administrative buildings, TZB of industrial manufacturing halls and installation of sources of heat (heat exchanger stations and gas-fired boilers of any output), etc.

All these activities including design and technical preparation are performed by our own staff. At present, the company employs one hundred people.

Our core philosophy is to offer clients complete and fully functional projects including design, i.e. a one-supplier project. We save them potential problems with coordinating multiple TZB suppliers and disputes as to what causes the problems in the installed equipment.

Since we employ technicians in all professions which we offer, we are often able to come up with technical solutions satisfying the client’s seemingly unsolvable requirements.